Advertising campaign management

For service companies and online stores on various advertising channels

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We manage and optimize your advertising campaigns very carefully.

If you want to get quick sales and results in advertising campaigns that enable you to do so, it helps you to spread and reach your potential customers and convert them into real customers.

Our team has years of experience in creating and managing advertising campaigns, whether on Google or social media platforms.

The service includes:

1. Studying the commercial activity

At first, the commercial activity is studied and analyzed in the most manner detail, and its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are recognized to be avoided in the campaign, the products and services it provides, and the marketing objectives it wants to achieve through the campaign.

2. Study the audience well

We define the target audience, its tendencies, preferences, and demographics well so the marketing channels that it follows are recognized and targeted through the advertising campaign.

3. Study the important research words

The words used by the target audience searching for your product or service on the Internet are studied so they are included in the content of the marketing campaign.

4. Create a plan that fits your goals

After all the study and analysis work, an accurate strategic plan is drawn up that fits the goals to be reached and clarifies the mechanisms for reaching these goals, the performance indicators by which they are measured, the type of content used in marketing channels, and audience targeting criteria.

5. Writing and designing campaign content

According to the type of content recognized in the marketing plan, it is written, edited, and audited to make important designs to suit the marketing channel on which it will be published.

6. Creating advertising accounts or designing landing pages

Ad accounts are created on pre-defined marketing channels, or landing pages are designed in which customers will be converted to complete the sale process, and then the advertising campaign is launched and managed.

7. Monitoring and improving the performance of advertising campaigns

After the campaign is launched, it begins to monitor performance, the range to which goals are reached, and whether we need improvement and development or not.

8. Preparing reports

In the end, a detailed report with numbers is prepared on the results of the advertising campaign, the extent to which goals are achieved, and good results are reached.

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Types of businesses you need digital marketing services?

An online presence is important for all types of businesses, whether commercial, service or non-profit.
Even all levels of companies, whether emerging, small, medium, or large, need digital marketing equally to be able to be constantly present in the market at the same level or higher, maintain their customers and gain a new audience base, and then achieve the desired sales and profits.

Which social media platform is suitable for an advertising campaign?

This depends on studying the target audience intelligently and knowing the most social media platforms that you use to be targeted through them and choosing to launch the advertising campaign.

This is what we offer you at Digital Kemet, where we study your audience well and choose the best platform for the advertising campaign.

What range does my business need for advertising campaigns?

Activities and brands widely need to launch advertising campaigns, whether on search engines or social media platforms, to help access qualified customers for purchase and increase sales,

ensure quick spread in the markets and boost presence on the Internet, and the use of advertising campaigns helps in understanding the standards and needs of the target market and customers, which Contributes to development and improvement in future campaigns, and the last and most important thing is that marketing campaigns contribute to doubling the return on investment.

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Achieve up to 5 times return on ad spend

We provide you with the service of managing advertising campaigns professionally and accurately by building an innovative advertising experience and perfect targeting accuracy.

What are the advantages of advertising campaigns by Digital Kemet?

We have a professional team of marketers and specialists in advertising campaigns, whether on Google, search engines, or social media.

We take care to create marketing content that fits your brand goals, commercial identity, and the tone of voice you use when speaking to your customers.

A detailed and well-thought-out strategic plan is drawn up that clarifies the roadmap and workflow, from setting goals to issuing reports.

We provide integrated digital marketing services and advertising campaigns.

We provide advertising campaigns on:

The stages of our work in serving advertising campaigns


Discussing the project together to understand more.


studying the service or product, and market


Developing landing pages.


Building a comprehensive advertising plan.


Creating innovative advertising content.


launching the campaign and monitoring its performance


Analysing, optimizing, and retargeting intelligently
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