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Content is king 👑

Content is king, thousands of years ago, and the content industry has great importance, as the ancient Egyptians taught us, and there is evidence of the importance of content included in some ancient Egyptian texts, most notably the text of the pyramids, which says “Man does what is not through writing.”

By creating content, you are able to open different marketing channels, whether on social media platforms or your website blog, as the content increases your website visitors and converts them to customers, and also makes customers interact with you on social media platforms and converts them to customers and maintains their loyalty to your brand

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We help you write great content for:

Social media

At Digital Kemet, we create content for social media based on study and analysis of the target audience and the brand, formulate persuasive messages for customers, and invite them to participate, which makes sure that they attract their attention and interact directly with you, which increases the speed of spread and growth and raises conversion and sales rates.

Web content

In Digital Kemet, we specialize in creating powerful and effective website content that sounds with customers on search engines, whether it is descriptions of products or services, website usage policies, home pages, landing pages, and terms and conditions pages in both Arabic and English.

Video content and reels

Video production is one of the most powerful types of marketing, because of its ease to understand, speed of delivery of the marketing message, and speed of spread. We are creative and innovative in creating video and reel content in a way that speaks directly to your target audience in an exciting way, and attracts viewers to your brand more effectively.

Podcast content

Podcasting is a new and exciting way to reach and engage with a larger audience and build relationships with potential customers while providing them with valuable insights and information on topics that interest them. We offer a podcast writing service for your podcast where we develop customized topics with high-quality content.

SEO friendly articles

At Digital Kemet, we offer SEO-compliant articles that include keyword research, image and article description inclusion, and content editing and proofreading to make sure that all pieces of content meet search criteria and rank higher on the results page, resulting in increased visibility and traffic directed towards your site!

Company profile

If you want to attract investors to your brand and appear in front of them professionally, you should write a profile for your company that helps investors get to know you better and transfers to them your company's message, values, and goals. We create content for you that highlights your activity in a professional and special way.

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Does the content marketing service help me to achieve my marketing goals?

Of course, yes, because it helps you with the following:
  1. Easily the marketing messages that you want to implement to your customers.
  2. Building a strong brand capable of competing against other brands in different markets.
  3. Get more website traffic, and increase sales and profits.
  4. Attracting the target group to your brand and raising their awareness of it.
هل خدمة التسويق بالمحتوى تساعدني في تحقيق أهدافي التسويقية؟​

The most important factors that we consider in Digital Kemet:

  1. Examine your brand well and know all the features of the services and products you provide.
  2. Analyzing the market of competitors in the same field as your brand.
  3. Analysis and study of the target audience to explore its tendencies and desires and to avail them in writing content.
  4. Develop a content strategy that includes the types of content required and innovative ideas that will attract customers.
  5. Setting realistic, specific, and measurable goals for what we want to achieve by creating content and performance measures that show the range to which these goals are reached.
  6. Measure performance and prepare reports on content results and provide the best recommendations and suggestions to improve performance.

Advantages of marketing content writing services from Digital Kemet

In Digital Kemet, we work to produce powerful content that doubles your sales and profits, highlight your brand, its features, and strengths in front of target customers, helps the audience to identify the products and services offered by these brands, and builds the audience’s credibility and confidence in them and makes them interact.
Our service is of the highest quality, including the following:
  1. Editing, proofreading, and publishing.
  2. Write headlines that attract readers.
  3. Writing in Arabic and English.
  4. Writing all kinds of Gulf and Arabic dialects.
  5. Writing a special introduction that prompts the reader to continue following the content.

How we work on marketing content writing service:


Discuss the project together.


Brainstorm and write down ideas.


translate ideas into content.


Review and audit the content.


Discuss together for approval before publishing.


Posting on appropriate channels
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